Obom's Story

I would like to introduce to you Obom’s Kitchen Jollof rice! A taste of West Africa in two minutes. It is packed with flavour and can be served with a side of your choice. Usually eaten with salads, chicken, beef, fish or enjoyed on its own.
I am a great home cook and I love cooking especially for my family. I started to cook at a very young age and my food tasted so good my mother would often let me take over her kitchen! With Obom’s Kitchen, I wanted to bring the flavours of West Africa in a convenient manner to everyone. To enjoy our flavours without the hassle. To bring dishes which are known to be time consuming to the plate in timely fashion and still enjoy it’s flavours.

I am proud to introduce the first product of the brand – our Jollof rice. A popular dish with various varieties. This version is made using a secret family recipe and method of cooking and delivers an explosion of new flavours for you to try.

Your taste buds will thank you for it!

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